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Residential Moves

Whether you are moving to a new home or modifying your present home to better fit your needs, project move UP provides the proper support and assistance you and your family need to ensure a smooth transition.


It's important that whatever situation you are facing, we can help you to get where you want to be with care, compassion and peace of mind. This process is not just about moving boxes. It's about dealing with special furniture, years of family history and memories. Project Move UP works with you to develop a plan that is customized and comprehensive,  addresses every detail that is important to you. 

Commercial Moves

Our goal is to minimize distractions so you can maintain business as usual during your relocation:


  • Create an action plan that meets your unique objectives

  • Implement a well-organized, controlled transition plan for your organization's relocation

  • Clearly communicate with technical teams to seamlessly move your infrastructure

  • Organize maintenance projects on your behalf

  • Organize movers

  • Manage charitable donations and tax deduction valuation (where applicable)

  • Work with you to plan your new space, focused on function and aesthetics

Wrapping & Packing


We love to wrap and pack and can organize packers for you. Our service includes:

  • Self packing where we provide all the materials

  • Custom packing where were we provide labor and materials.

Whatever your needs, we're available

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