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We always love the amazing reviews that our clients leave for us. Thank you Sarah!

On December 8, 2012, my husband of 36 years unexpectedly passed away, thus ending both of our lives as we knew it.

After five years and numerous unsuccessful tries to downsize the 2700 square foot house of belongings, thus the memories, of our life together, I contacted Lesa Wynn at Project Move Up. I had saved an article from the NRV magazine detailing the business goals and philosophy, both of which would ultimately fit my needs.

After our initial meeting to discuss my situation and her ability to address my needs, we entered into an agreement to begin the process. She was very respectful of my fragile emotional state but objective enough to keep the goal we set of downsizing in mind. We started with the numerous bookcases in the downstairs and worked our way through the house. After the downstairs was completed, I needed a break of several months before tackling the main living area which included more personal items, including my husband's clothes.

One unforeseen advantage of Lesa's business, was her knowledge and contacts in consignment and her ability to physically take items to various recycling and donation sites as required at the end of each work day. This slowly resulted in fewer and fewer items requiring my attention and responsibility.

Lesa does not take down time! She was working on some objective of my project's goal from the time she arrived, until she left for the day.

A quality that was not advertised but proved essential for my emotional state, was her understanding and compassion for how this situation effected me. If I needed a break, she was sensitive to that and never was I made to feel that I needed to get over this loss and move on with my life. There have been friends and family who have been less understanding as the years begin to pass since everything happened.

On June 30, I bought a 1677 sq. ft. house in the valley of VA and sold our home in the NRV eight days later. With celestial intervention from my husband and the physical preparation from Lesa, I moved on August 30, 2017.

Not only did Lesa and her company provide the service I needed, she provided the 'therapy' and ultimately, the friendship that will continue.

Lesa has my (our) thanks and appreciation for helping me to continue on this unexpected journey.

Sarah and, in another plane, Martin

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